• MLP Season 7 Episode 1-2 - All Bottled Up / Celestial Advice - Discussion

    IT IS TIME. Season 7 has finally arrived, and the huge amount of teasing we've gotten for the last few months will finally produce something! Are you hype? Cause I'm hype. These massive breaks in cartoon horse are pain! Pain I say!

    We have a LOT of trailers for this one:

    Trailer #1 / Trailer #2 / Trailer #3 / Trailer #4 / Trailer #5

    The Fresh Princess of Friendship Parody Trailer (No spoilers, just fun)

    Along with this, a bunch of episodes have been revealed for the beginning of the season. Find those over at the episode announcement posts!

    And if you are coming in just for the season and haven't seen all the movie stuff revealed so far. Be sure to check out that over here