• Community Soapbox #13 - Response to Last Month's "Why I Clop", Music Lacking Comments, and More!

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    • The Other Side: A response to Stealthypone’s “Why I Clop”
    • The Current Music Comment Slump
    • The Other Mane 6
    • Starlight Glimmer, A Chance for a New Chapter
    • Why Fluttershy Is the Manliest Pony in MLP
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    The Current Music Comment Slump
    By: Greg M

    Since I joined the My Little Pony fandom in mid-2014, the music has always been my favourite aspect. I began to listen to a hell of a lot of it as the months went on, no matter what the genre was. After stumbling across Equestria Daily around September, I began spending the majority of my time listening to the various music posts that were published daily, and left short reviews on each. It became a hobby of mine, and I went on to save any songs that I liked to my phone.

    Back then, the comment sections on MotD and Spotlight Music posts were quite popular. This unfortunately began to drop off as the months went on. I, myself, became burnt out of listening to and reviewing pony music after doing it so much, but I’m trying to get back into it now. It would be fantastic if more people gave constructive criticism on the music posts on EQD, since ExplodingPonyToast is doing such a fantastic job with the current music posts. Only a line or two of thoughts on the tracks would make such a difference to the comment sections.

    The Other Side: A response to Stealthypone’s “Why I Clop”
    By: brambleshadow4

    In last week’s soapbox Stealthypone defended against the hate towards cloppers, but in that conversation, we never looked at why some fans feel so strongly about the subject, so I’d like to fill in with two reasons I think people are uncomfortable with clop.

    One reason for discomfort is the discrepancy between the themes of FiM and the themes of clop. MLP:FiM is clearly about friendship, but looking at the strength and diversity of its female protagonists, it’s also fair to say FiM is about female empowerment. MLP r34 however, transforms these platonic relations into sexually explicit ones and portrays the characters not as complex figures but as sexual objects. Thus pornographizing MLP ends up discrediting the themes of the show, which make certain fans upset.

    Another reason for discomfort is this idea of respect. If someone or something asks you not to sexualize them, doing so is disrespectful. While a TV show cannot directly tell us, the target audience and platonic narratives of FiM strongly suggest that it is a place to be left untouched by the sexual world. So when others create clop, it feels like an act of disrespect, and fans who wish to respect the show are consequentially upset.

    To minimize this discomfort, it’s essential as Stealthypone says to “keep [it] away from people who do NOT want to see it.” However, this doesn’t change whether it’s icky or not, and it doesn’t stop fans from yelling at the other side trying to convince them they’re wrong. In short, isolation isn’t enough to resolve the issue.

    There is one thing that I think can help bridge the gap besides ignoring the extreme on both sides: don’t let your stance on clopping define your place in the fandom. If you’re pro clop, be louder in your support of the show and ponies in general; if you’re an artist, make pony art that isn’t NSFW. Let your fanaticism for the show outcry your fanaticism for the porn because at the end of the day, it’s celebrating pony for the non-sexual show it is which brings us all together.

    The Other Mane 6
    By: Yamiks

    While topic of alternative lead cast has been discussed before, I still find it interesting to look at from time to time. Thinking about which of our, already established background characters could be "replacing" existing ones.Sure, each one of us have that idea rattling somewhere in our heads, so why not share them once more for fun!

    If I had to put together another cast, there would be no doubt I would include CMC as they certainly have a lot of potential and have proven to be,as interesting and thoughtful as current cast. Now thinking about it, Spike, Babs and Gabby would fit in just as well, making it a pretty interesting, all be it young, "Mane6".

    As the show progresses we do see more and more characters being brought in, which I like, and even when I started watching the show, when ever CMC got an episode, unlike some fans, I was thrilled to see the world and other characters being fleshed out! While I am not a fan of Starlight after season 6 finale I gained a lot of respect for her as well as Trixie.

    So I wonder : what would you pick as "the other 6"?

    Starlight Glimmer, A Chance for a New Chapter
    By: Saturnstar14

    Starlight Glimmer has been a new controversy in this fandom from the moment she stepped foot out of that door in her cottage. And I've been wondering why and I think I've got a sort of answer. To me it looks like Starlight is a new breath into the franchise with chances to have another story told, to have episode morals be shown in a different light. But this doesn't mean that she will be the new main point of the franchise. We've already seen that Hasbro has given us different kinds of toys but the Mane Six always stick out as the main line. But I think the main problem in this fandom is the fear of change, that our beloved show won't be the same as it used to be. But is that so bad? Isn't the world always changing, always growing? Shouldn't we take this change in our beloved show and look at it as a good change? Come on Bronies, it's not that hard to do.

    Why Fluttershy Is the Manliest Pony in MLP

    Over the years Fluttershy has been called weak, helpless, cute, a cry baby however all of this is completely false because Fluttershy is the most MANLY pony in the entire history of MLP and here are the reasons why.

    Flutterguy has a voice that is deeper than that of any ocean. She has the courage and determination to stand up to even the most terrifying beasts. When the time comes she doesn't take crap from anypony. Not to mention that when she gets angry she becomes stronger than any saiyan super or otherwise. Also the fact that she's a freaking VAMPIRE!!!

    Now here are some Manly facts about Fluttershy that few ponies know about.

    Every morning for breakfast she eats a bowl of nails with motor oil for milk. She has enough Swag to light up an entire solar system. Magic attacks never hit her because they dodged intentionally purely out of fear. Fluttershy is the only one in the universe that the most interesting man in the world truly respects.