• Hasbro Releases "Play-Doh TOUCH" To Turn Play-Doh Ponies Into Virtual Creatures

    We've had Play-Doh ponies for a few years now with quite a few sets hitting store shelves covering everything from full characters to just the manes and tails. Hasbro is trying out a new app to bring these guys into the virtual world, with "Play-Doh Touch". You can take a picture of your clay creation and watch it wander around in a basic sandbox builder as seen above.

    Oddly enough, it works with more than just Play-Doh. The image above is actually a plushie Applejack figure someone scanned in. Apparently all it needs is limbs, and the app will attempt to animate it, sometimes to more horrifying consequences.

    Download it on Google Play over here.

    Thanks to Frankkie for sending it!