• My Little Pony Musical: Rainbow Rocks Opens in Singapore Tomorrow!

    Flights to Singapore from United States arrive on Monday. And cost more money than I can afford.

    Blast it.

    For those of you who happen to live in the country, you might want to strongly consider checking out the show. And to entice those who might have been on the fence about this, the MLP Musical RR Twitter handle has tossed up one more promotional image for everyone to take a look at.

    Considering that the musical is titled "My Little Pony" the fact the image below the break exists is something to be excited about.

    Pick your favorite pony to hug. Don't worry, there's more than enough room for everyone.

    And speaking of the pony costumes, Jason Denvir (Costume Designer of the MLP Musical: RR) tossed up a little tidbit of information about how they're constructed.

    In short, they're four legged versions of the character costumes that have been made world famous by Disneyland! Now I really want to see these costumes in action!