• Variant Comic Covers Revealed for Friends Forever #37, Guardians of Harmony, and Friendship is Magic #51 & 52???

    A couple of covers popped up after our Exclusive Reveal for IDW's February's MLP Comic offerings. I don't know about you but I would think that buzzing around an angry dragon's head like that is a very bad idea. Looks like Chrysalis is going to learn how it feels to be on the receiving end of  a flyswatter.

    Also, I am curious as to what is going on with the pony of pop. Looks like something fun is going to happen for sure. :)

    And apparently the subscription cover to Friendship is Magic #52 was either released by accident on PREVIEWSworld or there was a mixup in the credits… again. Either way, you can check out what has to be one the neatest covers Sara Richard has put togther to date.

    Dare I say "Toga. Toga."