• Metal Music: SDreamExplorerS - Trust Me! (feat. Francis Vace) / Velvet Wings & SDreamExplorerS - Little Feather / Thrasher - Orbit (Vylet Vocal Edit)

    Due to the insane amount of releases over the last week music posts will revert back to small compilations instead of single posts when there are tracks that work well together, at least until the amount of music is more manageable. Here we have a collection of awesome metal tracks that are all pretty great!

    First is a heavy metal track from SDreamExplorerS featuring vocals from Francis Vace. The use of lyrics from 'It's Gonna Work' turned out incredibly well here! The second track is a collaboration between SDreamExplorerS and Velvet Wings. Velvet Wings' vocals do wonders for this track, which is backed up by a really strong instrumental, and overall it comes off feeling quite a lot like something Nightwish would do. Definitely some pretty awesome symphonic metal! Finally, we have a piece where Vylet has taken Thrasher's original track Orbit, and added some really cool vocals to it. You can check all of them out below the break!

    1. SDreamExplorerS - Trust Me! (feat. Francis Vace) [Heavy Metal]

    2. Velvet Wings & SDreamExplorerS - Little Feather [Symphonic Metal]

    3. Thrasher - Orbit (Vylet Vocal Edit) [Metalcore]