• Community Soapbox #5 - Rainbow Dash's Ego, Imploding Brony Fandom, Guardians of Harmony Series, and More!

    Apparently it's really hard to keep these on a schedule. This week's community soapbox is all compiled up and ready for you all to dive in and opinionate. If you have no idea what these are and suddenly find an urge to write something, head over to the submission info post. 

    Below the break, the community tackles the following subjects:

    • How Egocentric Rainbow Dash is
    • Changeling Origins
    • Credit Where Due (Pinkie Pie Editorial)
    • Give Guardians of Harmony A Series
    • Imploding Community? UMM NO.

    Go get them below!

    Changeling Origins
    By: Yamiks

    As I look upon every big antagonist in FIM, only Starlight and arguably Tirek have some origin stories behind them. While sure there can be a character without origins portrayed well for a story (khem royal sisters khem), but when we are talking about a whole new race: explanation is a must! And so it is for changelings. We all know that the wedding was a huge mess of convoluted and inexplicable stupidity mostly, but even from such things can come something wonderful, and for me that was this new race. But just like griffons their place in the world wasn't really explained until season 5 and sure I suppose a good character race is easier to accept living among everyone, but when you have some "evil" race you sort of have to keep tabs on it...don't you?
     "But c'mon you changeling advocate" you might say "They (sort of) explained this in comics". To this I have only one answer : INTO THE INCINERATOR with you and those comics.
    What makes me smile, thou, is that they are expanding upon existing characters and places in last 2 seasons so there is hope for a proper origin story for these LOVEly creatures!

    Credit Where Due (Pinkie Pie Editorial)
    By: CC

    I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the Mane Six and their styles in making and maintaining friendships. What I realized is that Pinkie’s Element might be just a bit off. Yes, Laughter is a big part of her friendship style, but it’s really only a part. If we could do it all again, I wonder if she wouldn’t be more fitting as an “Element of Cheer”. That’s really her shtick. Whether through pranks, jokes, parties, or just her amazing memory for the details of others’ lives, Pinkie really gives her all to spreading not just Laughter, but Cheer. While my personality is nothing like Pinkie’s, that’s definitely the type of friend I endeavor to be; a sympathetic ear/shoulder, a kind word, or yes, a laugh, can really go a long way to turning an entire day around. And while she can slip up from time to time, and her exuberance may be grating to some, I think that makes her one of the best friends a person, or pony, could ask for.

    Give Guardians of Harmony A Series
    By: Itsthinking78

    It's no secret that many of the best episodes of this series are the action episodes. Even episodes that explore new locations, or focus on the wide world of Equestria beyond of a few cities tend to captivate the fandom's imagination more than most. A Guardians of Harmony series could do essentially what the IDW comics attempt to do in what I personally believe is a better medium for MLP action stories. Some may question where this would leave the main series, but I don't think a Guardians of Harmony series would approach issues the same way, because of slightly different audiences. The nature of animation would make moments that seem just “cool” in a comic incredible on screen. Such a cool idea for a spinoff that Hasbro has here cannot be left to wither away with just a toyline and a comic that comes out once or twice a year. Given the recent announcement of Equestria Girls specials, I think a similar situation should be done for Guardians of Harmony. MLP is big enough to support two spinoff animations, and Hasbro shouldn't miss the golden opportunity Guardians of Harmony provides for the franchise

    How Egocentric Rainbow Dash is
    By: Cloudy Sky

    I'm sure we all know Rainbow's this side, but in the latest episode ( S6:EP24: Top Bolt ) she said flying is pretty much 30% skill and 70% self confidence.
    To be honest, I couldn't believe it, but when Sky Stinger could fly much, and i mean MUCH MUCH better just because of a little bit of cheering from Vapor Trail, I realized it could be true. So, let's assume Rainbow was right, and flying does take a lot of self confidence.
    From a tiny bit of it Stinger could fly a lot better, right? Maybe with more he could even do a "Sonic Rainboom"? On the other hand, how egocentric has Rainbow to be, because she's the first one who could've done a Sonic Rainboom. Maybe she's on a brand new level of egoism?

    Imploding Community? UMM NO.
    By: Matthew

    The FiM community is unique as it is built upon the principles loyalty, generosity, honesty, laughter and kindness (sorry, Twilight). However, after six seasons it is not difficult to find instances of — "bad apples" as it were, sometimes from individuals who we looked up to and this has prompted many to ask : "Is the Brony community imploding?"

    The simple answer is no, it is not.

    Despite the negligible actions of some and downright hypocritical actions of others, the important thing to remember is that every fanbase will have individuals such as these. They are the overwhelming minority. The vast majority of MLP fans are individuals who still value the show's (and the community's) core principles : loyalty, generosity, honesty, laughter and kindness. And sure — magic.

    I'm not blind to individuals exploiting "horse fame" or a multitude of other such issues. But I didn't become a Brony to crucify anyone or even meet famous people.

    I became a Brony because it brought me out of a very long depression. It gave me a reason to smile once again and even cry. This community is one of the strongest I have ever seen. And I don't see that changing.