• (Did Not Air) UK - Season 6 Episode 23 - Where the Apple Lies - Discussion (Did Not Air)

    Well guys, the hectic week is here if the supposed schedule for the UK episodes is to be believed. First up in this crazy week is Where the Apple Lies, which we don't know too much about but there has been some speculation that we might get some good AJ backstory from this one. Either way, let's hope for a great episode guys!

    First off: We don't know 100% if the episode will air tomorrow but we'll keep this here till we know or not. Stay tuned!

    Episodes are airing at 3am EST/12am PST

    Check here for the schedule so far this week.

    Whelp, looks like a dud you guys! Old episode being shown confirmed. Schedule still has not updated for tomorrow though with it still showing the finale as what they are running with so we'll see if that is true or not tomorrow.

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