• The Rest of MLP Season 6 Airing Early in the UK!

    Assuming the listings are correct, which so far all the leaked/early episodes have been this season, the rest of the season will be airing early over on the UK joining episode 23 earlier. Someone over at the episode scheduling area of Hasbro is going to get slap on the back of the head for this one!

    It turns out, the UK airs the episodes every single day too back to back, so we have an insane week of pony coming up:

    • Wednesday (October 5th) - Where the Apple Lies
    • Thursday (October 6th) - Top Bolt
    • Friday (October 7th) - To Where and Back Again Part 1
    • Saturday (October 8th) - To Where and Back Again Part2

    There is a chance that someone at Hasbro will see this and swap the episodes out, but if pre-existing deals can't be changed, it's looking like our countdown timer will be shifting to accommodate these.

    Get screenshots below.

    Thanks to  CinemaQuestria and Mark for the heads up.