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    "A share in the sovereignty of the state, which is exercised by the citizens at large, in voting at elections is one of the most important rights of the subject, and in a republic ought to stand foremost in the estimation of the law."—Alexander Hamilton

    Happy Election Season everyone! Is everyone ready to learn about civic duty?

    Even if your not, this comic is published in the United States by an American Company and the biggest piece of news that happens in this country every four years—after a two week sports event featuring the world's greatest athletes—happens to be choosing the new leader of the free world. It's not really a surprise that we have a comic thematically tying into the event.

    All joking aside from when we got the initial solicits, I honestly don't expect this story to focus on parodying and lampooning Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. If anything, what IDW has probably done is taken something as complex as the American Election and distilled it down to something that can be used to discuss the ideal of electing our leaders, and possibly give parents a means of discussing with their kids why it is important for the people to choose.

    Of course I could be completely wrong, and this could be a complete lampooning of the current election. But there's only one way to find out! Be sure to check out the links below!

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    Regular Cover by: Agnes Garbowska
    Subscription Cover by: Sara Richard
    1 in 10 Retailer Incentive Cover by: Caytlin Vilbrandt

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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #46
    Ted Anderson (w) • Agnes Garbowska (a & mc) • Sara Richard (sc) • Caytlin "Pixel Prism" Vilbrandt (ric)

    It’s election season in Ponyville and Mayor Mare looks to have the race in the bag. But when Filthy Rich throws his hat in the ring, all bets are off!

    FC • 32 pages • $3.99

    Bullet point:
    • Part one of a timely two-part event!