• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Final Makeup Day

    Lots of ponies on the mountainside tonight, a wonderful symbol of the journey you all have made over these past 30 days, don't you think?

    Hello again my friends, welcome to the final two days of the ATG! You guys managed a wonderful 98 ponies tonight bringing us up to 5442 ponies altogether! I think at this current pace we will break 5500 thanks to all your efforts! Well done everyone!

    Now I know some of you have been asking for a makeup day and today I deliver! Tonight's assignment is to makeup as many pictures you've missed as possible with a special optional task you can undertake if you dare: draw every prompt or as many as you can in one submission. A little crazy with around 30 prompts to consider, but let's see how creative you guys can get! As usual you can find the submitter here.

    Onwards to the gallery!

    Twitter: Calpain