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    Due to complaints about bias or opinion in previous reviews, this post will only feature facts.

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    This is an IDW publication. It contains pictures and either word bubbles or caption boxes. These publications are commonly referred to as "comic books". This comic book is labeled the 31st entry in the My Little Pony Friends Forever line. Tony Fleecs is credited as the entire story writer and an artist for select pages. Other pages have art by Sara Richard. Heather Breckel did the coloring for some pages.

    The opening pages are drawn by Tony Fleecs. They feature two ponies with wings. These are referred to as pegasi (the plural of pegasus) and are named Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. There is also a non-speaking character named Tank. He is not a pony.

    Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash see smoke, which is later confirmed to be a signal. Rainbow Dash flies away. Fluttershy and Tank do not feature in the comic afterwards.

    Rainbow Dash locates a character named Little Strong Heart. She is not a pony, but she does have a speaking role. She calls herself a buffalo, but some people who are not in this comic state this is factually inaccurate. Buffalo inhabit areas within Africa and Asia. The more accurate term for the American animals is "bison".

    Little Strong Heart leads Rainbow Dash to meet Chief Thunder Hooves. Some people refer to him as a "buffalo", and some use the term "bison". He tells Rainbow Dash that she must find the Rainbow Crow. A crow is neither a buffalo nor a bison.

    The artwork style changes. This part is drawn and colored by Sara Richard, according to the credits.

    The story of the Rainbow Crow is about bringing fire from the sun. Because it was burnt by the fire, the Rainbow Crow is now referred to as the Great Crow. Rainbow Dash says the story is awesome. At the time of this entry, Rainbow Dash has not been visibly burnt by fire.

    Rainbow Dash is drawn by Tony Fleecs, whose artwork is featured for a majority of the comic. 

    Chief Thunder Hooves states that Rainbow Dash needs to bring back feathers from the Great Crow. Her nest is far away. Chief Thunder Hooves says the trek will be long and dangerous. "Trek" is another word for "travel" or "journey".

    Their "trek" goes through areas named the Badlands and the Forbidden Jungle. The panels show creatures that the lead characters call Coyotes and Capuchin Monkeys. There are other animals featured.

    Rainbow Dash begins to question the pace of traditions. Little Strong Heart calls her "kemosabe" and they go different directions. "Kemosabe" is a term made popular by the character Tonto in The Lone Ranger TV series. "The New York Public Library Book of Answers" (Prentice Hall, 1990) states that this term is meant to mean "faithful friend." The book further states that "kemosabe" is an actual word in the Apache and Navajo languages. The term in Apache means "white shirt" and the Navajo meaning is "soggy shrub."

    The two characters meet again on the next page. Little Strong Heart says she rode a water slide. Rainbow Dash flies up to the Great Crow's nest, but realizes she has lost the tribute.

    There are other events. The final panel features "the end". The remaining comic pages are commercials.

    This is the end of this facts-only review.

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