• #Beebarb Memorial Art Compilation

    Welcome to a very special edition Drawfriend today, folks! This particular Drawfriend is in honor and remembrance of our dear moderator and friend, Beebarb. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I was absolutely touched by the outpouring of kindness and support we have witnessed during this rather sorrowful time. Let this Drawfriend in part be a testament to the love and unity this community shares.

    And again, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every person who has given their kind words, thoughts, prayers, and taken the time to contribute to this art event. It means a lot to know so many care.

    If I somehow missed your entry or I mislabeled it, send an email to me at [email protected] to let me know and I'll correct it.

    Now, let's get to some art, shall we? Click after the break for quite a lot of fantastic heartwarming art!

    [1] Source

    R.I.P. Beebarb [EQD] Art Event by EStories

    [2] Source

    Rest in Peace Beebarb by DON2602

    Rest in Peace Beebarb by CRPonies

    [4] Source

    For Beebarb by PixelKitties

    [5] Source

    Rest in Peace, Beebarb by Aurora-Melody

    [6] Source

    The Transcendence of Beebarb by Arkan0id

    [7] Source

    For Beebarb by PinkiePie097

    [8] Source

    Bday Gift by MalphazeusAtrox

    [9] Source

    Goodbye Beebarb, rest in peace! by PapyJr13

    [10] Source

    Beebarb Art Event by PapyJr13

    [11] Source

    Image by PotatishPony

    [12] Source

    For Beebs by Mynoxious

    [13] Source

    Beebarb by AppleDazzler

    [14] Source

    Beebarb - Rest In Peace by SilvestteNightshade

    [15] Source

    Thank You Bee by Sneshneeorfa

    [16] Source

    In the Heaven by Shadow-Nights

    [17] Source

    Goodbye, Beebarb by Overlord-Derpy

    [18] Source

    For Beebarb by BlazieLight

    [19] Source

    Beebarb by Zaphoddraws

    [20] Source

    Beebarb by Nman625

    [21] Source

    beebarb by MelodyAmity

    [22] Source

    Beebarb by Nicklaich

    [23] Source

    Something for Beebarb by Tazonite

    [24] Source

    Beebarb by DancingHearts120

    [25] Source

    In Memory by CorvoStawr

    [26] Source

    Rest in Peace Beebarb-With-Edits by DoraemonFan4Life

    [27] Source

    Beebarb by Phin-the-pie

    [28] Source

    R. I. P. Beebarb (Bradley Walter) by Sant26

    [29] Source

    I've Learned To Walk On Clouds by GingerFoxy

    [30] Source

    Chibi by Digimonlover101

    [31] Source

    Flight by Crummy-Pheonix

    [32] Source

    Beebarb (RIP Beebarb) by Squeaky-Belle

    [33] Source

    Remember Beebarb by ChaoticElite

    [34] Source

    RIP Beebarb by SaturnStar14

    [35] Source

    Beebarb by Sean Sol

    [36] Source

    For Beebarb by Cloudy95

    [37] Source

    Beebarb by MusicFireWind

    [38] Source

    For Beebarb by Owl-Feather27

    [39] Source

    To Beebarb by Gyroc

    [40] Source

    Tribute for my friend Beebarb by Icesparkleangel

    [41] Source

    Rest In Peace Beebarb [EQD] Art event by TheGrimFisher

    [42] Source

    Beebarb In Memoriam by MichaelGS-0148

    [43] Source

    Excerpt by RedHadron

    [44] Source

    Rest in peace, Beebarb by SpectraDust

    [45] Source

    For Beebarb by xThe-Bubbly-One

    [46] Source

    Heavens Call by Izayoi1265

    [47] Source

    For Beebarb by KirbyLiscious

    [48] Source

    "Oh, hey there." by KirbyLiscious

    [49] Source

    Beeb by KirbyLiscious

    [50] Source

    If Only He Could See Us Now by SUP3Rtoastr

    [51] Source

    Beebarb by NeroNemesis1

    [52] Source

    Farewell Our Beebarb by Raftclan

    [53] Source

    Beebarbandstuffheenjoyed by Huffy26

    [54] Source

    Beebarb by DJZapApple

    [55] Source

    Good bye Beebarb by Nachtana

    [56] Source

    Beebarb by Nachtana

    [57] Source

    In Memoriam of Beebarb by MarieRG

    [58] Source

    In Memory of Beebarb by SilverSkies24

    [59] Source

    The Star In Our Night Sky [EQD] Art Event by AdrianTheBrony

    [60] Source

    Rest in Peace Beebarb by Karylon

    [61] Source

    In Memory of Beebarb by Rednev444

    [62] Source

    R-I-P-Beebarb by Cadancefayle

    [63] Source

    222 by Heedheed

    [64] Source

    For Beebarb!! by Heedheed

    [65] In Memory Of Our Friend And Moderator BeeBarb by Marianas

    [66] Beebarb by Gianna

    [67] Beebarb by Maker

    [68] Beebarb by Chaotic

    [69] Beebarb by Duke

    [70] Bee and Tavi by TehFyd0

    [71] Beebarb by Areene Twinkletwink

    [72] Beebarb by Shadow McFly

    [73] Words of Condolence