• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 2

    So our first day is finally at a close and I'm already impressed by the range of material we have gotten! From simply chilly ponies to literal chili ponies you guys went all out this first round! Not only that but our first day haul brought in a total of 396 ponies! Very well done my friends!

    Before we get to the prompt of tonight's ATG, an answer to a question we got in our inbox: You do not need to be a newbie to join in the fun of the artist training grounds, anyone of any skill is welcome to join!

    But this was just a warm-up of course as we dive into the next prompt for all of you to tackle: Draw a pony moving / Draw a pony in action. Now that are little equine friends have been brought into being, it's time to get them moving and stretch out those newly drawn limbs! You can find our submitter here when your work is complete and ready for sharing.

    As for what you all created our first day, check on after the break for the full gallery! Apologies for some duplicates, I'm away right now and the uploader was a bit hard to manage on the go.

    (Note: The submissions close at 11:59 PM each night, so you have some time to get late ones in, the post will add them.)

    Best of luck to all of you on today's prompt!

    Tutorial on first day on how to upload
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    ATG Discord Server! (NEW!)

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