• Luna SFM Model Gets an Overhaul

    As the pony 3D community continues it's expansion on the oldschool models to newer more detailed and accurate forms, Luna joins the set. Bearded Doom Guy over on Deviant Art has released a new one as of a few days ago.  She promises a whole bunch off features:

        -Improved skeleton *uses the same one as the VN models*
        -Improved weight painting
        -Improved eye posing *as good as I can get it to being the VN ones*
        -Improved textures for body, mane, tail, and, horn. *more show accurate*
        -Improved face flexes
        -Improved mane and tail bones *if you wanted to make them flow more*
        -Improved wings *both open and closed*
        -Patched up body mesh from the original mesh

    Download her over here.

    Thanks to Chris for sending it!