• Story Updates - March 26th

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    Story: Of Horses And Whorses (Update Part 7!)

    [Comedy] Horses... on my EQD?

    Author: GeodesicDragon
    It is a fact that horses have served mankind for thousands of years, in times of war and in times of peace. Your horse, Zayna, helps you earn your primary source of income in the form of a riding school.

    Until a freak occurrence dragged you both to the land of Equestria, that is. This new land you find yourselves in is ruled and populated by talking ponies, who are a bit hostile at first due to a misunderstanding — but that's nothing when you realise that it's not just ponies who can talk here.

    As it turns out, horses can as well.
    Of Horses And Whorses (New Part 6!)

    Story: The Necromancer's Ambition (Update Story 2 Part 33!)


    Author: Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi
    Description: Necromancers. Sickly ponies bathed in cloaks of darkness, bringing ruin to all who fall under their shadow, terror to those who meet their gaze. Ripping the dead from the grave and conscripting them to their army of evil and conquest. Woe to the towns that dare draw their interest.

    Such are the legends.

    This is a story about one of the kindest ponies I know.
    The Necromancer's Ambition

    Story: The Celestia Code (Update Sequel Part 20-21!)

    [Adventure] That right there is a cool cover.

    Author: iisaw
    Description: Princess Twilight Sparkle discovers a centuries-old mystery hidden in the Royal Archives. Her investigation leads through layer after layer of deception and misdirection, setting her hooves on a path that seems to be leading to a mysterious secret. Along the way, she learns that some friendships can be very, very strange.
    The Celestial Code

    Story: An Open Door - (Update - Sequel)

    [Slice of Life][Human]

    Author: SkycatcherEQ

    Description: When Sunset saw Sonata Dusk return to CHS, and experience a very familiar treatment, she encouraged her friends to reach out to the Dazzlings just as they'd done for her after the Fall Formal. Several months later, Aria and Sonata have come to discover some joy in their new life-after-magic. Adagio, however, has continued to refuse the offer—out of bitterness, spite and an unwillingness to give those 'rainbooms' the satisfaction of seeing her break. But what she has yet to realize is that clinging to this resentment is hurting no one but herself.

    An Open Door