• Amazon Underground Gameloft Game Gets the Griffon Update

    The new update with griffons and clowns is now available for the Gameloft game on Android Underground. Unfortunately It's pretty ridiculously grindy even here, along with some performance issues. Head on down below the break for the details!

    Unfortunately, the new characters are absolutely insane in price. It's pretty obvious that Gameloft isn't really interested in making the Amazon Underground version any better. Gilda costs a whopping 500 gems, which would take months to save for.

    The clowns follow a similar theme, with only one being purchasable with gold. A huge amount of gold at that.

    There also seems to be a pretty epic slowdown overall in performance on some devices (My nexus 10 has dropped to fraction of the framerate it ran at before).

    And the VIP system doesn't appear to be added at all in any kind of "free" style.

    Maybe some day we will get an "Actually not terrible" version, but if you can take spending 3 months clicking changelings to buy Gilda, this is the best we got outside of the hacked versions floating around.

    Thanks to Stuart for the heads up!