• Adding New Section to Roundup: Commissions!

    Over the past couple years we've gotten the occasional email asking if we could mention that a particular artist was open for commissions. Without any real place to put them they usually got mixed in with Merchandise or the People Looking for More sections of the Roundup.

    With the number of OC ponies exploding and people wanting their pony's drawn, I thought last night it would be a good idea to give commissions a home: a new section to the Nightly Roundups!

    Since the merchandise section can be rather sparse at times, I'll be combining Commissions in with Merchandise to make a general Merchandise/Commissions section. All an artist needs to do is give us a link to their commission info whether it be a journal, tumblr post, ect. Just make sure that your commission page doesn't include examples of NSFW (though we will accept people that say on their page that they will do commissions of that sort). All commission info can be sent to submit@equestriadaily.com and info can be sent in as many times as commissions open up so artists can be featured multiple times.

    While we have been accepting this info over the years and giving it a place to go I guess this is our way of saying we endorse artists to send in their info. Let the pony pictures grow I say!

    Hopefully this addition will let you guys have an easier time getting your favorite characters/OCs drawn and allow artists an advertising venue they otherwise wouldn't have. I look forward to hearing from all of you talented artists out there!

    Twitter: Calpain