• More Feedback Collection - And PMV - The Queen / Winter Spirit

    It's PMV time, but also time to gather a bit of feedback off of all of you on how these should be handled in the future!

    There seem to be a few different types of PMVS popping up these days:

    • Simple ones with less effects
    • Simple ones with less effects, but really good synching of scenes to the music (The first one in this post)
    • Heavy effect usage 
    • Shape and Vector Motion graphic PMV (The 2nd one in this post)
    • Typography
    • BLINDING effect usage (I've heard some people call these "teenager PMV's", but I think that's just because some of the big ones making them are teenagers) 
    • Animated Vector PMV

    Which ones do you like most? We will probably convert this into a poll once we get a better set going.

    And get your PMVS below!