• Discussion: What is Your Real Theory Behind Alicorns in Equestria?

    At the very beginning, there were only two. A series of strange events changed everything though, when Hasbro suddenly discovered that selling different sizes and colors of Celestia didn't equate to more sales! They needed a new princess... and another... and probably another! That's what little girls want, right?

    Fortunately, DHX made it work, but not without some flexibility in the overall world of Equestria. We know Cadance started off as a pegasus, and Twilight ascended via ridiculous magic power level and friendship, but what about the other two? What created Celestia and Luna?

    So far,  we really don't have any kind of good history on them. We know they are ancient, at least 1000 years, probably more. Have they been there since the beginning, raising the sun and moon? Did they create the night sky and world? Or did something else happen entirely?

    These questions may never be answered, but that is what fanon is for! What do you think is the starting point of the two sisters? We know they at least had a childhood in their castle in the Everfree Forest.

    FANONIZE IT below!