• Discussion: How Has Pony Influenced Your Life?

    While we've asked this question before it never refuses to be relevant! Even if you've been active in the community for a short while the friends and memories we create change us. Considering it's the 5th year of FiM, EqD, and soon to be my own five year anniversary this month it seemed like a good time to reflect on times past and how this crazy show and fandom has changed us.

    For someone like myself who has been in this fandom almost since the beginning, it's weird to look back on it all and see how far things have come. Back when I got into FiM I had just started my Masters and I was a quite different person back then. I was much more of an introvert, my friendships having fallen to the wayside due to classes and the fact I never was an on campus student, plus I had confidence issues with my speaking abilities. Heck, I was scared to death of Phoe, Cereal, PK, and Seth when I was first let on to the site in 2011.

    While I don't know where I would have ended up without FiM and you guys I do know where I am. Thanks to FiM I've seen parts of the world I never thought I'd ever see, met the best friends I've ever had, gained speaking skills in front of large audiences, and gained memories I will remember for a life time.

    Thanks for being part of my journey, now tell us yours.

    Twitter: Calpain