• EQD Holiday Banner Event - Halloween Submissions and Halloween Winner!

    As some of you have probably noticed, the October/Halloween portion of our holiday season banner event has come to an end. People from around the fandom sent in their awesome spooky creations for us to use.

    In the end, we had 5 go up to the top of the site, and each of these were placed in a random draw for the top.  Limeskittle turned out as the winner of the Chrome Rainbow Dash hikari figure from Entertainment Earth. Congrats!

    Next up, we have the Glitter storm Rainbow Dash figure going to the winner for Thanksgiving / November themed banners:

    The deadline one that one is going to be the 25th of November at 11:59 PM PST! Full details, as well as submission info can be found here.

    And as promised, the Funko Cadance and Spike will be randomed off to all that use one or both of our mascots at the end of the event in December.

    Many thanks to everyone that entered, and feel free to enter for the next two sections of the event too!

    Now go get your banners below! 

    Top 10! 

    Five of these were used as site banners, but we had a few other favs for various reasons to go along with them.

    [1] Source

    Equestria daily halloween contest! by Limeskittle

    The winner of the October portion!

    It may have skipped out on the "transparent background or bordered" idea, but it did a great job anyway. Rocket Tier especially looks good here!

    [2] Source

    EQD Halloween Banner Submission by FrancisksV

    This one was probably my favorite. The style just works so well overall.

    [3] Source

    Equestria Daily Nightmare Night Banner by 1i0

    Spiders are creepy. Spotlight is creepy in spiderwebs.

    [4] Source

    MLP Halloween ED banner by MegaGibs

    An excellent interpretation of the episode!

    [5] Source

    Equestria Daily Halloween Banner by Bratzoid

    I really like the background and text on this one most. It's a fun art style.

    [6] Source

    Trixie's Traveling Magical Mirror Show by RuinedOmega

    We couldn't get this one to work very well up top, but the concepts within were awesome. I think I showed absolutely everyone that Spotlight bat.

    [7] Source - Sarah

    [8] Source - Fluffleord

    If that isn't a fanodm celebration, I don't know what is.

    [9] Source

    [10] Source

    Pinkie's new hockey mask EQD banner by RedAnon

    Poor Dash. Poor Poor Dash.

    [11] Source

    Banner by Metallic-Roselle

    [12] Source

    Halloween EQD Banner Submission by LibbytheKautz

    [13] Source

    Equestria-daily- Halloween banner Submission by Kizankun

    [14] Source

    EqD October 2015 Banner Contest Submission by Eminy522

    [15] Source

    banHALW by LaudiDi992

    [16] Source

    Harry the Scare (2) by olywolf

    [17] Source

    EQD Banner? by Keehar94

    [18] Source

    EQDHallowenn Banner _2015 by Keimori

    [19] Source

    Equestia Daily Halloween Banner by Blu-Usagi

    [20] Source

    my EQD banner by frostbite15071

    [21] Source

    Banner by WrenSenSolomon

    [22] Source


    [23] Source - Foxypwny

    [24] Source

    Equestria Daily Banner by mariofan48

    [25] Source - catsrock

    [26] Source - Talia

    [27] Source - KateC0627

    [28] Source

    EQD Banner Contest Entry by maddie8972

    [29] Source

    Equestria Daily Banner by Silver-Boom

    And many thanks again for the awesome banner that announced it all from January3rd on Deviant Art. It's definitely my favorite drawing of Spotlight yet! I can't bring myself to take it down...