• The Top 10 Best Looking Ponies in Sweaters!

    The world of pony accessories is nearly limitless! For years now, we have been bombarded with fan art of cartoon equines in just about every form of human clothing.  It's really a fascinating phenomenon. How do you take something cute and make it cuter? By covering her in things of course! Or at least half of her. If you cover the cutie mark I hear it ruins it.

    We have dug deep into the COMPLEX world of pony hoofsocks before, and it's time to do it again with another popular fandom trope: sweaters. We even have a canon mare decked out in one thanks to season 5! Truly this is a wonderful time to be a pony fan.

    Get the top 10 best looking ponies in sweaters below!

    #10 - Lyra

    Depending on what kind of fanon you follow for mintmare, she may or may not be a human enthusiast. If she is, even more the reason to wear a sweater! If she's not, then she looks cute in one so she should wear one anyway!

    Bonus points for Bonbon inclusion, but it seems like Lyra is the one that dominates here. 


    #9 Princess mi Amore Cadenza

    The princess of product placement just so happens to be the princess of looking good in a sweater. Especially when she is a bat pony, which is a thing I just found out about. She doesn't require fangs and bat wings to be adorable in a sweater though. This girl got it goin' on in just about any form of sweater wearing.

    Celebrate Cadenza in Equestria's second best accessory at the #9 slot!


    #8 Vinyl Scratch and Octavia

    Why pair them? Because you all barely draw anything of them not together when it comes to sweaters! It's hard to imagine them solo. And even when they are separated,  they seem to be drawn wearing sweaters of the opposing pony's color and cutie mark. Imagine that.

    So download some classical dubstep, throw a few logs in the fire, and celebrate Octavia and Vinyl with maximum comfy.


    #7 The Cutie Mark Crusaders

    It's hard to pick just one of these three for sweaterification, so lets just run with all three in one category. Is that cheating? Should we care? It's a post about ponies in sweaters. We've already thrown any kind of journalistic rules out the window just by existing.

    That being said, I think I'd choose Sweetie Belle of the three for best sweater pony. White fur just works with everything, especially colorful sweaters.  Best foal.


    #6 - Rarity

    Honestly, the only reason I even thought of Rarity was due to the excessive amount of sweater pics Rarijack Daily used to post. If anyone sold me on the concept, it was them. The big issue with Rarity is how many articles of clothing she dawns each season as is. Even with ponies, you tend to get used to it and the novelty fades.

    Of course, a quick search for Rarity in a Sweater rekindles the love. She gets #6 for that!

    Rarijack Daily 

    #5 - Rainbow Dash

    Remember that episode where the ponies had to climb to the top of Mount Everhoof, and Rainbow Dash refused to wear a sweater because "an athletic pegasus like me can keep her temperature up just by channeling awesome"? Good times. Too bad she froze her flank off, and accidentally caused an avalanche by shivering too much, which lead to Twilight Sparkle unlocking her super saiyan princess sombra powers to save everyone. The mountaineers of Equestria still complain about the fact that she knocked 2000 hooves of elevation off, but at least they were able to build a ski resort at the top of Equestria's new tallest mesa because of it.

    For being the counter culture to the sweater, and pony clothing in general world, Rainbow Dash snags #5! 


    #4 - Luna

    You knew she would be in here somewhere. We can't go 20 Luna images on Derpibooru without running into her wearing socks, sweaters, or a combination of the two. Something about the princess of the night in all her mysterious grandeur opting for a more down-to-earth ensemble is appealing.

    Would she actually be caught dead wearing one in public though? I wonder. She seems pretty prideful of her old equestrian heritage. #4 regardless! 

    Twilight Flopple 

    #3 - Twilight Sparkle

    Nerds and sweaters go together like nerds and glasses. It is a trope that has been around since the dawn of public school being a thing. You may be saying "but I'm a huge nerd and don't wear glasses!", and that's true. I'm right there with you.  But lets be realistic here, it's pretty widely accepted. An icon of nerdom if you will.

    Now toss these on Twilight Sparkle here, the epitome of booknerd, and you have a recipe for perfection. Because of this, she gets the 3rd slot!


    #2 - Moondancer

    I'm going to get hell for not placing Luna in a higher slot, but lets be realistic here, only one pony in the show has really dedicated her life to the fashion of sweaters. Look at how old and ratty that thing is. If a person was wearing it, you'd be telling them to get a new one! Not Moondancer though. She is pretty much the mascot of the "if a pony does it, it's cuter" scientific law we've all come to know and love over the past 5 years.

    Moony takes the 2nd slot. Bring it!



    If ponyland had multiple deities claiming random topics ponies were into, Fluttershy would EASILY take the top slot for GODDESS OF SWEATER! When you take literally the most adorable of ponies and deck them out in adorable things, then add a juice box, hot chocolate, or something else for her to cutely hold in her hooves, it's pretty much game over. No pony can compete with this.

    For being the #1 reason for a rise in Winter season heart attacks, Fluttershy takes the top slot for BEST sweater pony!


    Is there ever not a good time to find an excuse to compile art of ponies in sweaters?