• Reminder: Banner Contest Halloween Submissions End in 3 Days, Pumpkins on the 29th

    Since a few people are still confused on dates, and we are coming up on the closure of the Halloween portion of our banner event, I figured I'd get an annual reminder up. The Halloween portion of the banner contest ends on the 26th of this month, so three days from now! Info over here. This leg of the event has the $70 chrome Rainbow Dash as an award:

    And a random winner gets the Cadance/Spike Funko figures if you include one or both of our mascots.

    Enter that here!

    And on the other side of the creation world, if you plan to carve a pumpkin up, the event for that ends on the 29th. One random winner and one chosen winner will win the 261 page Art of Equestria book, filled with all sorts of neat concept art from the show.

    Go enter here!