• Equestrian Odysseys - Immediate Adventures Across Equestria

    A big part of planning the Equestrian Odysseys expansion was to bring the new adventures of FiM Season 5 into MLP: CCG, along with all the classic questing we've seen since 2010. Another big part was introducing fun new game mechanics, like "Immediate."

    What does this mean? Plenty of adventure from cards like The Cutie Map, Starlight Glimmer, Daring Do, and Nightmare Moon, and the Immediate card effect letting you play Friends and effects during your opponent's turns like never before. Take a look below the break for some more!

    Rarity, Soprano is a great example. She's one of VERY few cards in the game that let you play a Friend outside of the Main Phase, even during your opponent's turn. Not only that, you can play her between when your opponent draws and starts his own Main Phase, making him discard a card he would have played on his turn to ruin your day. 

    Rolling Tones is a simpler example, and yet timing its use can be very strategic. Sure you can play this during your turn to reduce your opponent's chances of winning a Problem faceoff you're about to start. Or, you can play it just before your opponent is about to challenge a Villain, or just before your opponent is about to confront a Problem, or even at the start of the Main Phase to remove their only source of Blue power... Very flexible!

    One more example! Play this Scootaloo to a Problem where she's helpful to you, providing 3 power in faceoffs for only one action token. Eventually she'll get sent home, and even while she's there you can use her Immediate power to add her total 3 power to any kind of faceoff without having to move her again. If you want she can even come to the aid of a Troublemaker to keep your opponent from beating it!

    And as promised, there's plenty of FiM adventure in Equestrian Odysseys, sticking to the broad theme of this set and Season 5! The Cutie Map was mandatory, considering the journeys it seems to be sending the Mane Six out on. This card lives up to that, moving up to 6 characters at once!

    Here's Gilda, leaping to the rescue on one of those aforementioned Cutie Map adventures, and the legendary Idol of the griffonfolks. Too bad it fell into the Abysmal Abyss, but at least Griffonstone has baking powder now.

    Here are two different phases in Princess Luna's life (ha, phases!), from her time as Nightmare Moon trying to conquer the world, to her nightly mission in the land of dreams to help everypony sleep a little easier.

    We can't forget about Starlight Glimmer and her quest for equality, now can we? She had a lot better luck destroying that bridge than Shining Armor did stopping King Sombra. Poor Shiny can't catch a break. At least he has a loving wife and a great throwing arm.

    The awesome fan wiki has a full list of every card in Equestrian Odysseys now, so be sure to go take a look and get ready for Friday, when booster packs hit stores!