• Is Brazil Getting Friendship Games Early? New Promo Seems to Hint at That

    Friendship Games arrives in the USA on the 26th of September, but it looks like we might be second this time around if a promo from over in Brazil is any indication. Either that or we are all mis-translating it.  A marathon is landing on the 20th over there, apparently leading up to the movie release. Google Translate, along with several submitters all seem to agree with this.

    So, what do you all think? Are we going to be watching a subtitled Brazilian release of EG3 first?

    And get the trailer below, complete with a single new scene.

    Update: We've been told that marathons in brazil mean one episode a day, so it's not a one day marathon like what we'd have on Discovery Family, but 13 episodes then EG3, some time in October. 

    Thanks to Andrew, Dennis, Shimmer, and everyone else for sending it!