• Artist Spotlight: Santagiera / Quiet-Victories / PrettyPinkP0ny

    It's been awhile, but it's time once again for the Artist Spotlight! We've got a good mix of epic and cute tonight from a variety of artists. Check them all out after the break.

    On to the artists!

    Twitter: Calpain


    Our first artist up tonight may be young, but her potential shines through amazingly with her ability to demonstrate not only epic looking pieces, but the adorable as well.  Lighting and backgrounds come into play quite wonderfully in most of her pieces, such as her AJ piece used as the header. The shadows used on AJ's face for instance give the whole piece a much more dangerous and serious look, something that is demonstrated in her other pieces.

    Check out some other examples below!

    Santagiera's Gallery


    It's rather rare to find an artist that is both skilled in digital painting but traditional painting as well, to the point it's actually hard to tell which ones are digital and which ones are traditional! Quiet-Victories pulls this off wonderfully with their collection of epic and peaceful pieces ranging from ponies at war to Lyra resting in a park with her mech (you heard that right). Check out some of their pieces below!

    Quiet-Victories' Gallery


    Speaking of those skilled in traditional and digital artwork, PinkPony may not partake in oil painting but her skills on paper with watercolors and the computer are excellent. Mainly dealing in cute and silly pieces, you can see the care she puts into her works in both the coloring and line art of both her digital and traditional pieces. If you're looking for something to make you smile, check her out!

     PrettyPinkP0ny's Gallery