• Album Compilation - April - And New Album Submissions Rules!

    Wow, it has been a long time since we last did an album post! It has been sort of a mess here on that front. Since we have always focused on specific songs, getting an entire album passed through is a challenge to say the least.

    We still have quite a few coming in though, so lets set some ground rules on how they should be submitted to make it easier on everyone.

    In this post, we have 11 new albums from across the fandom, and a quick guide on getting yours added to the album compilations as we move forward.

    Now go get all that below!

    Want to submit an album? Hit the rules up at the bottom!

    Resurfaced Pony Beats
    Artist: [voodoopony]
    General Genre: Electronic

    Description: It's what all the signs have been pointing toward. It's the album no one's been waiting for, but everyone must own. This Pony album is a collection of demos from 2011 until now, showcasing the best of all my unreleased stuff. Like it? Help my cause by sharing it around! Don't like it? Download it anyway so you can feed your insane rants about how garbage you think this album is! Nonetheless, get yourself a copy so I won't feel like all my work is for nothing, then I might just go cry my eyes out and OD on cheezits. You wouldn't want to put me through that, would you? Download now.

    Ponies at Dawn: The Remixes
    Artist: Various Artists
    General Genre: Electronic

    Description: Tis the season, and Ponies at Dawn are in a giving mood! Here with their 4th album, a compilation of remixes of some of the most popular songs of our albums past! With great tracks from artists such as EnsionD, LutariFan and Astral Nova, it's sure to keep your party alive!

    The Rarijack Album
    Artist: Maressey (various)
    Genre: Mixed

    Description: I hope you enjoy the first of hopefully 4 Maressey albums. As you should know Maressey is a Ponified Tribute to the Music of The Smiths. Without them creating the original tracks this tribute or the music contained would not be possible. Their exploration of loneliness, sex, gender, love, and loss I felt could be translated into our own fimfiction of these characters and comment on ourselves. We did try to do something a bit different with this tribute and that is to find an MLP theme in each album (within this story of Rarijack) and the next, with albums that tell an interwoven storyline in each.

    I have to thank quite a few people who have made an idea 2+ years ago into a realized 20+ person group project. Thanks to the wonderful people below who have helped throughout this project. They are all such incredibly talented and wonderful musicians and they have made this project all possible. I hope that people continue to support this project and those many musicians and artists involved.”~Freewave

    Artist: Tarby
    General Genre: Rock

    Description: Tarby's sophmore release, this concept album focusing on wishes and desires and their often-times negative consequences. Much heavier and more progressive than his previous releases, this album shows tarby nailing a hard and heavy sound that is sure to get people pumped, taking them on an exciting journey through several in depth and detailed stories, guaranteed to entertain and enthrall.

    This Director's Cut edition is also loaded up with a slew of other fun goodies and content, so be on the lookout for that!

    Pony at the Opera
    Artist: Claire Anne Carr
    General Genre: Rock

    Description: Welcome to the Fourth stage of My Little PonY RocK!

    Pony at the Opera is a tribute album for the Friendship is Magic series.

    Artist: Wind Wolf / Night Breeze
    Main Genre: (Mixed)
    Sub Genres: Alternative, Acoustic Rock, Orchestral/Light Rock, Piano-solo, Orchestral/Symphonic, Acoustic, Medieval, Jazz, among others.

    Description: After over a year in production, Wanderlust has arrived-- my whole new Double Album with 100 minutes of music, containing 22 instrumental tracks, both pony-related and pony-unrelated.
    The album features all kinds of genres, ranging from alternative rock to piano-solo, from orchestral to acoustic, from ambiental to medieval, and more! It can be downloaded completely for free, or bought to support my career. I appreciate your support either way, and I really hope you enjoy it!
    Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for more music, and I hope you all have a great day! https://www.youtube.com/NightBreeze13
    “When a new destiny emerges, remember life under seven trees.”


    Porcelain Doll EP
    Artist: Injustrial
    General Genre: Hardcore Industrial/Aggrotech

    Horse of a Different Color
    Artist: Sprocket
    General Genre: Rock, Orchestral, Synth

    Description: Horse of a Different Color fuses orchestral composition with a variety of modern genres such as rock, funk, and electronic.

    It features three new tracks, including "Vinyl and Octavia Fight Monsters," and "Sweetie Hell: Attack of the Maniacal Laughing Rarity Cloud," and three old favorites, including a cover of "Discord," reimagined as a suite for orchestra and bass guitar.

    Trapped Inside Reality
    Artist: SDreamExplorerS

    Derpy's Wings IV
    Artist: Mixed
    General Genre: Mixed

    Description: Derpy's Wings IV is an experimental, charity album for artists to expand their horizons and evoke emotion through music. Every artist got two random emotions and had to evoke that theme throughout their submission. All proceeds will go to Heifer International, a charity organization to help end poverty and hunger.

    Battle: A Dazzlings Tribute
    Artist: GhostXb
    General Genre: Metal, Symphonic, Dubstep

    Description: This has been my brainchild for the past few months, and I am very pleased to finally be able to share it with you! This has been a lot of fun, and it was also quite a struggle to achieve, and there were definitely a few moments of frustration. This has definitely been the most ambitious musical project I completed yet. I'm also quite relieved to finish it, since now I can work on other projects.

    On Youtube!

    Artist: Igna
    General Genre: Electronic

    On Youtube!

    New Album Submission: Guidelines/Rules

    To keep this fair and even for everyone, it's going to be a bit more strict than what you see above.

    • Must be be pony related
    • Have something pony related in the album cover
    • We have posted a Youtube link to one of your songs in the past, via Music of the Day or Spotlight. (lots of non-pony musicians trying to sneak their albums in, that's wont be allowed anymore)
    • Must be 4 songs or more. If it is an EP with less, send in Youtube links for normal music review, preferably one song per email for filing. (this may change)

    Required information: 
    • Bandcamp link (some other services accepted too, just ask.)
    • Album name
    • Artist name, or "multiple artists" 
    • General Genre: (rock, pop, electronic, etc. Think of a music store). If it's everything, just say mixed. 
    • Description
    • (optional) Youtube preview

    Template for the email (Remove the brackets on submission): 

    [Bandcamp link]
    [Album Name]
    [Artist name]



    Trixie's Greatest Hits
    Artist: Trixie
    Genre: Electronic

    Description: Trixie best pony.

    All set? Fill that template in, and send it to the Submit Box!