• Vincent Tong and Maryke Hendrikse at BronyCAN 2015

    One character stealing waifus, and the other stealing... my heart.  BronyCAN has confirmed both Vincent Tong (Flash Sentry) and Maryke Hendriske (Sonata Dusk) for their upcoming convention this summer. August is going to be absolutely insane.

    Head on down below for the press release!

    Now that we’ve opened up registration for BronyCAN 2015, we’re even more pleased to have the first of many show guest announcements for this year! Please welcome Vincent Tong and Maryke Hendrikse to BronyCAN 2015, both of whom are long-time actors with a wide variety of voice over and live-action roles to their credits. They will both be attending for the full weekend to greet fans of the show and their other acting work. Vincent Tong is best known for providing the voice of Flash Sentry in Equestria Girls, along with Donut Joe, Prince Blueblood, and Garble the Dragon in FiM, while Maryke Hendrikse voiced Gilda the Griffon in FiM and Sonata Dusk in Equestria Girls.

    Our early-bird pricing for weekend passes will continue until Feb. 15th, so get your passes now before prices go up! Our hotel rooms are also expected to sell out this year, with special rates, free wi-fi and parking being part of the special offer for attendees coming to enjoy BronyCAN 2015. You can get your passes, rooms, and even find vendor/musician/panel applications at https://bronycan.ca/.

    ~Sonata Dusk is best pony