• Brony Thank You Fund Looking For Artists for 2016 Calendar

    CHARITY AND ART! Two things that the pony fandom absolutely dominates at.  The Brony Thank You Fund is running another calendar this year, and needs some of you awesome artists out there to hop on and join the already star-studded cast to fill out the months. 

    If you are interested, head on down below the break for all the information on it!

    Expect the calendar to first release at BABSCon later this year.

    Thousands of happy bronies have hung Brony Thank You Fund calendars on their walls, and now you can be a part of this amazing fundraising effort! The Fund is ramping up to produce their 2016 calendar, which will be available starting at Babscon, and we’re looking for a few great artists to round it out. If you’ve always wanted to have your artwork featured next to the work of Pixelkitties, Sibsy, Leekfish and John Joseco, this is your big chance! Not only will thousands of bronies get to admire your talents for an entire month, but you’ll be helping in the fight against cancer by supporting the work of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

    This year’s theme is “Charity Goes Hollywood”. We’re looking for iconic scenes from movies and TV redone as pony. If you’d like to take a crack at it, here’s the details:

    1) Artwork must be 8.5x11 landscape, full bleed, 300dpi

    2) No Hasbro intellectual property can be included in the art (i.e., no show ponies)

    3) Keep things PG or better (so please, no Last Stable On The Left)

    4) Submit art to submissions@bronythankyoufund.org by February 25th. If you have questions, send them to info@bronythankyoufund.org.