• Random Merch: Paintings, Shoes, Bowls, and More!

    Some new painting looking things were found at Hobby Lobby, joining those tins we posted a while back. There are actually two more for Celestia and Rainbow Dash, though they all seem to use the usual vectors. The Luna is cute though. Thanks to Charles and Jeremy for sending those!

    And get more random merch below!

    Rainbow Dash Backpack

    Found at: Small Shop in Germany
    Found by: Benny

    Boxed Secret Set

    Found at: Toys R Us
    Found by: Swift .Blaze

    Nurse Redheart Activity Book!

    Found at: Walgreens
    Found by: Athena

    Hobby Lobby Paintings Continued

    Found at: Hobby Lobby

    Loads of Pony Shoes From Crossway

    More Equestria Girls ones over here too.

    Found at: Crossway
    Found by: Rick

    Rainbow Dash Projector Flashlight

    Found at: Toys R' Us
    Found by: Perfectly Imperfect

    Rainbow Dash Plate

    Found at: ASDA Super Market
    Found by: NoLeaf

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