• Friends Forever Comic #16 Revealed - Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

    We have a synopsis, cover, date, and the staff behind the upcoming Friends Forever comic fully revealed.  This one will drop in May after the month of FIENDship is Magic stuff.

    Head on down below the break to check it all out!

    (Note: We have a first timer here too in the art section for pony!)

    Synopsis: When Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon see those obnoxious blank flanks, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, threaten to win a school contest, they decide go all out to make sure the best ponies win! (Being themselves, of course!)

    Writer: Jeremy Whitley
    Artist: Jenn Blake
    Cover Artist: Amy Mebberson
    Variant Cover Artist: Jenn Blake

    Release Date: 5/20/2015