• Fund Some Critters, Hang With Faust: WLC Fundraiser Live!

    Almost two years ago, the brony fandom descended upon a fundraiser for the Sylmar, CA-based Wildlife Learning Center promoted by none other than Lauren Faust herself. You know, the creator of Friendship is Magic and number one reason we're here today? You can see the results of that fundraiser above: we raised enough money to name that bunny Angel, and that Sulcatta tortoise Tank.

    The WLC is at it again, this time to raise funds for an onsite veterinary suite to better treat the animals it cares for. Every dollar sent their way helps, and once again, Lauren's ponied up a plethora of donation incentives just for us.

    • Signed prints and Funko figures
    • One-of-a-kind Fluttershy sketches by Lauren
    • A raffle for Lauren to sketch your OC

    Heck, you could even have Tara Strong or John de Lancie record a voicemail message just for you.

    Or, you could chill in LA for a day with Lauren, Cindy Morrow, Amy Keating Rogers, M.A. Larson, and Meghan McCarthy, with more Friendship is Magic writers possibly joining as time goes on. MLP WRITERS PARTY. There's an Instagram or two there, I'm sure.

    Help some sick animals, get sick perks. Hit the break for a short message from Lauren, then click the header image or head on over here and make Mama (Faust) proud!

    WLC: My Little Pony from WLC on Vimeo.