• Convention Compilation - January 22nd

    Here comes convention season! Expect a boatload of news to come flooding in soon. For now, have some headlines for today:

    Midwest BronyFest Art Contest
    The Friendship Express - Website Now Ready
    ThaiPonyCon 2015 General Update
    Brony Fair Startnext
    BronyCAN 2015 Date and Location Announced, Pre-registration Opens
    Great British Brony Convention Announces New Guests, Early Bird Tickets, and Opening of Applications

    And get the full releases below the break!

    Midwest BronyFest Art Contest

    Are you a talented artist? Interested in going to Midwest BronyFest? We are holding an art contest for our mascot Chit Chat! From now until February 15, 2015, 7 PM Central Time, we will be accepting fan art of Chit Chat. The cutest and best will be announced Friday, February 23, with a grand prize of two general admission three-day passes to Midwest BronyFest and your art featured on the site and in the pamphlets as well as on our facebook and twitter pages!

    We will only allow art at a PG level or lower. Submit your art to raptor@mwbfkc.net in .png format. Please include your name and contact email and, if available, a portfolio link (deviant art, etc.).

    Good luck to all involved!

    Thanks again!

    The Friendship Express - Website Now Ready

    The Friendship Express, the Malaysian My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP:FiM)
    convention will be taking place from the 2122 March 2015 at the atrium of SSTwo Mall here in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. This groundbreaking event is the first of its kind in Malaysia and it set to be the biggest gathering of MLP:FiM viewers and fans (known as Bronies) in the country. Admission is free.

    The convention comes after an explosion of such events in the region namely Canterlot
    University (CanterlotUniversity.com), The Cloudsdale Splash (CloudsdaleSplash.com) and
    ThaiPonyCon (ThaiPonyCon.com). The Friendship Express is set to be Malaysia’s entry to the
    convention scene. Starting small, the event aims to garner support from the local community at
    large as a celebration of art, music and friendship within and beyond the fandom community.
    Daniel Anthony, chairman of The Friendship Express and founder of the local brony community
    “marelaysia.” brings his share of experience to the table after helping organize multiple such
    events in the region. “We are a community built on friendship. That’s all there is to it. It just took
    a simple Saturday morning TV show to unite us all and make our friendships shine.”

    The event will feature panels, performances and showcases of UserGenerated
    Content (UGC) created by the community. This ranges from original music, sculpture, video games, fan fiction and even video games inspired by MLP:FiM. Aside from this interested artists and content creators can apply to have a booth at the event to promote their creations.

    For more information, visit TheFriendshipExpress.org. The event committee can be contacted via email at Contact@TheFriendshipExpress.org. Forms for booth and performance applications can be accessed from the website.

    ThaiPonyCon 2015 General Update

    (Bangkok , Thailand) Sure to delight fans of My Little pony with the first convention ever in Thailand "Thailand Pony Convention 2015” Meet famous figures from the community, activities and products exclusively for this event. Coming this holiday on March 14th 2015 at ITF Silom Palace, Bangkok, Thailand.

    Mr. Patiwesh Chankasikupt, the owner of “BronyThai” community on Facebook and manager of "Thailand Pony Convention 2015" stated that My Little Pony is a masterpiece that became a huge phenomenon in animation industry, spawning million of fans around the globe even in Japan, the show captured many hearts leading to an establishment of their very own convention. In ASEAN, Thailand will be the third country after Philippines and Singapore.

    In Thailand, there are thousands of My Little Pont fans with more than half of the fans are male. In total, there are 59% of male audience and 41% of female audience. Most of the audience are 15-20 years old, 21-25 years old, and below 15 years old respectively. The main objective of this convention is to develop My Little Pony community in Thailand, makes it even better and stronger, to promote self-confidence and talent such as drawing, singing, cosplay, including animation, and to strengthen a bond between distributor and audience in Thailand.

    “My Little Pony has an amazing story which surpass many expectation, there is no doubt that male audience love it so much more than female audience, but they still have to hide from the society. We want to give them an opportunity to express, meet up, and do activities together believing that this event will be a total success and able to carry on the same caliber of Southeast Asia in the future.”

    In this convention, there will have a meeting up with many special guests such as Tamanai090 The Famous MLP Thai Fandub Singer, Mr. Kitti or Evangelion Negima The Thai Gaming Commentator and Mr. Manassavin Malevong The Thai Voice Actor, and also more other activities like Singing Contest, Game Card Competition, Cosplay Contest and even opening booth for selling both copyright and fanmade products "Thailand Pony Convention 2015" will start on March 14th 2015 at ITF Silom Palace, Bangkok, Thailand during

    9:00 - 16:00 near Chong Nonsi station of BTS Skytrain. For those who interested in opening booth for sales in this convention, you can search for more information here in www.thaiponycon.com

    Official news  & updates > http://www.thaiponycon.com/about-tpc/
    Trailer > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47j9rx0XBFM
    Website   > http://www.thaiponycon.com
    Fanpage   > https://www.facebook.com/Thailandponycon
    Twitter   > https://twitter.com/ThailandPonyCon

    Brony Fair Startnext

    Hey there!
    Some of you guys asked us in the past if we do a Startnext crowdfunding campaign and the awnser is yes!
    We have many cool rewards for those who are willing to support us to make Brony Fair more awesome than it is planned to be. The money will go directly into the Fair uns will be used for additional decoration and special guests.

    If you are intrested and want to know what these rewards are look here:

    €5 Crowdfunding Button

    €7 Shipping inside germany(important for non-visitors)

    €15 Shipping worldwide(important for non-visitors)

    €15 Pencil Drawing by RainbowScreen(http://rainbowscreen.deviantart.com/)

    €20 Brony Fair Poster by RainbowScreen(http://rainbowscreen.deviantart.com/)

    €25 Brony Fair design mug

    €35 Troublemaker T-Shirt

    €50 Unity T-Shirt

    €90 Bag Pack

    €150 Create your own video with Saberspark and ACRaceBest

    €300 A Plushie of either Pancake or Westfalia

    €500 VIP Special (including lots of stuff)

    €1000 Sponsor Special (even more stuff)

    If you are intrested check out out Startnext page!

    BronyCAN 2015 Date and Location Announced, Pre-registration Opens

    To kick off 2015 with some news that many of you have been waiting for, we are pleased to announce that BronyCAN will be returning on August 21-23, 2015, at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel in Richmond, BC. Canada’s premier My Little Pony fan convention is returning for its third year in beautiful British Columbia, and we are hoping that even more of you will come join us for a weekend filled with friendship and fun!
    We will begin taking pre-registrations on January 15th through our website. Applications for panels, musicians, and vendors will also open on the 15th. Our staff will be busy at work to plan ahead to make the experience enjoyable for all, so watch our website and social media channels for all kinds of wonderful announcements!  

    Twitter: @bronycan

    Great British Brony Convention Announces New Guests, Early Bird Tickets, and Opening of Applications

    Manchester, UK - With Hearth’s Warming and New Year out of the way, planning for the Great British Brony Convention is underway again - and with it comes a big announcement on new guests, our Early Bird Sale and the opening of applications!

    Firstly, we’re delighted to announce FOUR new additions to our musician guest list. Glaze is a massive name in the Brony music fraternity, with over 200k subscribers on his YouTube channel alone and creating some of the most popular songs in the community, while collaborating with equally #HorseFamous artists on a regular basis. He’ll be helping us make sure that everyone is up dancing on Friday night! In addition to Glaze, we’ll also be joined by three more excellent music producers sure to make GBBC sound awesome - Aphylliate, MrBronyDash and Macarou!

    We’re also happy to announce that Early Bird weekend tickets are now available! As a self-funded convention, early adopters mean that we can continue working to get more great guests and plan fun and interesting events. That’s why from now until 31st January, you can get 25% off your pass for the full weekend - that includes the Friday night concert and two whole days of MLP-themed fun for just £45!*. Click here to get your tickets now!

    Finally, applications are now open to anyone wishing to perform as a musician, sell their wares as a vendor, becoming a volunteer to help the convention, or simply for any panel ideas that you’d like to see! This is your chance to make your mark on what is going to be a great weekend at the Manchester Conference Centre - visit our Apply page for more information on how you can help.

    Many more guests and events will be announced in the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes peeled (or not, that sounds painful) on our website, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages, for all the latest GBBC news!

    * Includes £1.89 Ticketbud processing fee - sorry!