• Spotlight Music: March of the Outcasts / The Heart Carol / Let the Rainbow Remind You Rock!

    We haven't had three in one of these in a while! But why is Luna crying? Don't cry Luna! Now I'm depressed!

    Get some post rock to start it off, followed by an awesome A capella version of The Heart Carol from Woodlore and Luna Jax, then finish with a remix of Let the Rainbow Remind You rock style.  I want to note, we weren't too sure about the start of that one, but it's great once it gets going.

    Now go! Music time.

    1.) March of the outcasts - TenderFlutter (Vocal - Post Rock)
    2.) The Heart Carol - Luna Jax & WoodLore (Vocal - A capella)
    3.) Claire Anne Carr - Let the Rainbow Remind You Rock! (Remix - Rock)