• Crystal Games Organized Play Kits, Charity Style

    Something new has popped up from Enterplay, focused this time on charity at your local stores.  Have the exact description from the press release:

    Enterplay has added a new element to their MLP: CCG Organized Play program with MLP Theme Nights.  The first theme, "Princess Celestia Gambit Planner", is all about charity - stores will ask players to bring a can of food or charity donation as their fee to enter.  "My Little Pony fans are all about building community," explains Dean Irwin, President of Enterplay "and Theme Nights offer them a perfect opportunity to get together and play the game."  Theme kits are designed to complement MLP: CCG's ongoing OP kits, and Enterplay has the first The Crystal Games OP Kit ready to ship,with 8 Dr. Hooves participation cards and 2 Doctor's Orders prize cards in each. For a limited time, Enterplay is offering both the first Theme kit and The Crystal Games OP Kit #1 FREE to retailers, simply for signing up! Make sure your favorite game store gets in on this deal so that your pony play group can get their hooves on these cards - Doctor's Orders!

    You heard em! Get out there and donate some food while playing pony cards!