• PonyVRVille Updated to v0.03a!

    Work on a virtual Ponyville continues as the creator continues to make tweaks to the experience! While it works best with an Occulus Rift you can still check out Ponyville on your PC. With a bunch of new optimizations, tweaks, and new content this version has Ponyville looking better than ever!

    Check on after the break for the rundown of updates, links where you can get the new version and a game play video!.

    v0.0.3a 12/8/2014

    • Male ponies now also have updated animations and optimized pony models. Woo.
    • Creepy-Zombie-Pony index lowered to 3.48 as all ponies look around and blink now.
    • New unicorn ability! Pressing Q or the Left Shoulder teleports you ~200ft in the direction you're looking
    • Holding Q or Left Shoulder slows down time to 1/10th speed, letting you aim comfortably, or just stare at ponies when they're slowed down
    • Crosshair added to Slow Time mode to make it a bit easier to aim yourself!
    • Player projectile switched from friendly bouncy ball to a bolt of lightning, with sound effects and glow!
    • Oculus Rift SDK version switched to 0.4.3 just in time for the 0.4.4 release.
    • Optimizations have added a few extra fps to Oculus Rift mode
    • Dialogue boxes completely re-worked to be much friendlier.
    • Speaking ponies now have their dialogue box over their head instead of stapled onto the player camera.
    • Tried to fix phrasing for pony conversations. Some spelling errors were exterminated as well.
    • Non-pony dialogue text will auto-dismiss in 15 seconds now.
    • Had to revert to an older version and re-code some features from the previous release. So there might be some new bugs added.
    • Improved trace for interacting with ponies/objects, they should be easier to hit now.
    • Executable in game root folder now! No more hunting for it.

    All the info is at http://kaitouace.com/vr/ along with the download links

    Twitter: Calpain