• More New Shirts at Tee Public for the Holidays - Plus Sale Until the 15th

    Crossovers... crossovers everywhere.  Teepublic has added four more shirts to their selection of pony stuff, with two from other popular cartoons.  We also get some Derpy and a watercolor Rainbow Dash. Have some links:

    Sky Bison Avatar Pony Shirt
    Adventure Time Unipony Shirt
    Rainbow Dash Watercolor

    Currently their site is doing yet another site wide sale, with the following available:

    • T-Shirts - $14
    • Tanks - $18
    • Kids Tees - $14
    • Hoodies - $35

    The pony section can be found over here (or the actual pony "Tag" over here, though it has other stuff mixed) if you haven't already bought enough shirts to overflow your closet.