• Convention Compilation and Convention Listing 2015 Collection

    2014 had a boatload of conventions, and 2015 looks to be following the same trend.  We've had a convention listing over here, but it's time to rebuild it for the next season!

    For those out there running one, the same template as last year will be used.  Information on submitting that can be found over here.

    We are also adding tags for each convention for easy lookup on recent news.  If you want to follow updates on one, be sure to bookmark it!

    Now get some headlines for this convention compilation:

    PonyCon AU 2015 Convention Roundup
    MLP-MSP General 2015 Press Release
    Brony Fair 2015 Promo

    And head on down below the break for the press releases!

    PonyCon AU 2015 Convention Roundup

    Hey Everypony! 

    Get excited, Australian Bronies! PonyCon AU: Seaponies Paradise is just three months away, and we can't wait to see all you Aussie and International Bronies downunder in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. 

    PonyCon is back for it's third year, and Seaponies Paradise is shaping up to be our best convention yet! We've got a huge variety of special panels and Q&A's - not to mention some amazing Guests - Cathy Weseluck, (Voice of Spike, Mayor Mare) Local Brony Artists and Writers, and more Talent from the show we've yet to announce.

    We're also going to be running an awesome Concert and Games Night this year, a follow on from last years 'After Dark' performances. If you're interested in Card/Board games or the music of Cheraz Destructor, EnisonD, Evdog or Mysterious Bronie we've got the place for you to be! We're still talking with some great artists, so you can be sure you'll see even more names as the convention draws closer - If you're interested in performing, you can send us your details here: http://derpy.me/5vcch

    Tickets and Merch are already available at out website here: http://www.ponyconau.com/tickets
    And you can keep up to date with the latest announcements over at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ponyconau​
    Tweet us at: https://twitter.com/ponyconau

    MLP-MSP General 2015 Press Release

    MLP-MSP is excited to present an art contest, a sweepstakes and a photo contest starting December 5th through December 31st! The Holiday Extravaganza is a way to potentially win a free pass to MLP-MSP 2015. Take a look below to learn all about the contests, how to win, and what the fun prizes will be!

    Art Contest
    This contest is for all of the great artists in the fandom! Create a drawing, digital piece, painting or other image form of MLP-MSP's original character, Snow Drift and an incredible winter or winter holiday theme and you could win one of three prizes: a Sapphire Sponsor badge, a three-day badge, or an official MLP-MSP T-shirt.
    The contest starts December 5th, and will end on December 31st. First, second and third place winners will be announced on social media with a corresponding email sent to each. Submit completed art pieces to [email protected] with this information:
    Full Name
    Artist Name
    Brief Description of Artwork
    Link to your DeviantArt or other image hosting center
    The image MUST be appropriate for all audiences of age.

    Official Sweeptstakes
    If you follow MLP-MSP on Twitter or Facebook, this is your chance to win something fun just by spreading the word. All you have to do is retweet or share the sweepstakes posts on Twitter and Facebook. Yes, it’s that simple!
    This sweepstakes starts December 5th and will run through December 31st. As noted above, in order to win this contest, all you have to do is retweet the official sweepstakes tweet or share the official sweepstakes Facebook post and you will automatically be entered in a pool of participants. Once the contest has ended, one person will be randomly picked from Twitter and another from Facebook.
    Selected candidates will be able to choose between a free three-day pass to MLP-MSP 2015 or a $50 Visa gift card and will be notified via social media.

    Photo Contest
    Do you consider yourself the Ultimate Brony? Do you have tons and tons of art, shirts, plushies, buttons or other MLP merchandise? Is your entire room filled with ponies? This is the contest for you! In this final contest, MLP-MSP will be rewarding the Ultimate Brony!
    In order to enter, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself with your collection. But be sure to include your name or handle in the shot so your collection can be verified!
    Tweet your photo between December 5th and December 31st to @MLPMinnesota and include the contest hashtag #UltimateBrony. The winner will be announced on Twitter and rewarded a three-day badge!

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding these contests, please contact MLP-MSP at [email protected].

    Brony Fair 2015 Promo