• Random Merch: Stylin Strands Rarity

    We posted a few of these Stylin Strands ponies recently, but I think Rarity is a new one.  She has been spotted at Walmart in Canada, so chances are a bunch of them will be dropping her soon.

    Thanks to CottonTALE for the image.

    And head on down below for more RANDOM MERCH!

    Pony McDonalds Toys Head to Brazil and Mexico

    Looks like these guys are migrating to South America.  If you live in the big commercial centers, you might want to call a nearby McDonalds! Thanks to Carlos and Eduardo for sending them!

    Pinkie Pie School Set

    Found at Poundland by Amy in the UK

    Pinkie and Twilight Lolipops

    We always did wonder what ponies tasted like.

    In a completely normal way.

    Found at Dylan's Candy Store in New York City by Julia

    Pint Glass

    Cause pony fans like the drinkin,

    Found at Hot Topic by Framwinkle

    Pony Decal Set

    Might be cool for those walls of yours! Found by Julkia at Walmart

    Trucker Hat with Derpy

    Found on Amazon! Sorry about the mobile link, I have no idea how to switch it with Amazon.

    Equestria Girls Shoes coming to Russia

    Apparently these guys are heading to Russia, just in case you have small feet and are in the area.

    Thanks to Rick for sending them.