• Random Merch: Mane 6 Air Freshener, Pencil Sharpener, Music Box, and More!

    A few weeks ago we offered the opportunity to smell like a sweaty pegasus, and loads of you seemed all over it.  Now we have three more ponies to add to the mix.  Smell like a muddy earth pony, a nerdy bookworm who hasn't showered in two days, or a Pinkie Pie.  I have no idea what a Pinkie Pie smells like. 

    Thanks to SpartaNinjadrgn for the heads up!

    And get loads more random merch below.

    Luna Pencil Sharpener

    Still using that old vector.

    Found by Alexy at Gulliver Toys .

    Magnetic Dress Up

    Found by Jskr, no location given doh!


    Or a ghetto version of one. 

    Found by Blas and Annie at Target

    Cele/Luna Wal Mart Exclusive Equestria Girls

    These toys still scare me.

    Found by Brendan at Walmart

    2014 Pinkie Ornament

    I wouildn't be surprised if Christmas sales started up in September this year.

    Found by Loretta here!

    Key Ring

    Found by SpartaNinjaDrgn. No location again!

    Pinkie Pie Music Box

    I wonder what song it plays?

    Found at Toys R' Us this time by Unicornmon