• Comic: The Night the Magic Died (Complete) / Return to Equestria / Moody Mark Crusaders Part 18 / One True Princess

    Multiparter comics have always been tough here on EQD.  In some cases, people pump out page after page of 2-3 panels that really don't forward the story any.  It's hard to drop those in every post.  On the other hand, some like the one above spend over 2 years and create over a hundred pages with piles of panels and story in each.  Expect something huge there, as it just completed.  If you are in the mood for a long haul, The Night the Magic Died might be a good one to try out.

    And below, we have more Moody Mark Crusaders, a Derpy/Twilight multi-dimension thing, and some Cadance/twilight (Teal font on white background is bad though! Don't do that!).  Click for full!

    (Update: Fixed link on the first one!)