• Music of the Day #363

    Sometimes Fluttershy seems pretty fearless when it comes to the Everfree forest, other times she's petrified of it. Maybe there are certain sections of it filled with awful creatures, while others are safer. Zecora seems to be right at home.

    Music of the day time. Go!

    [1] Source
    Light Veins - Ruins

    [2] Source
    TGiuseppe - Shooting Stars

    [3] Source
    Everfree Macrocosm | Pony! | Vocals by Vylet

    [4] Source
    Buffalo Brony - Feeding Dreams ft. Vylet Pony (Fluttershy Speed Paint)

    [5] Source
    Counting Sheep (Cover) Original by Turquoise Splash/Megaphoric

    [6] Source
    Pony Chorale