• 3D Pony Art Compilation #6 - AWESOME CHRYSALIS Edition

    Remember back in th eday when we used to do spinny pony pictures? Call this THE EPITOME OF SPINNY PONE PICTURES.  Or something like that at least.  We have a ton of changelings of all shapes and sizes in an awesome 3D diorama.  If you usually ignore these posts, don't ignore this one at the very least! Go get it over here.

    And below the break, tons of 3D pony art! Everything from SFM to completely custom.  Now go get some! It's a much shorter one than usual due to me really wanting to post that Chrysalis, but technically the image above has an extra 15 or so in it so just add that to the final number!

    [1] Source
    Walk The Plank

    [2] Source
    Jesus Is Not Here Today

    [3] Source
    3D Twilight Sparkle

    [4] Source

    [5] Source
    Brave New World

    [6] Source
    Haw You, gie's a beer!

    [7] Source
    A Beacon of Hope During Gloomy Times

    [8] Source
    Deep Dive

    [9] Source
    The Final Frontier

    [10] Source
    The Green And Black

    [11] Source
    Before the Storm

    [12] Source
    Little Pip O' Murder

    [13] Source
    The Queen

    [14] Source
    A sunny blizzard.