• Story: Equestrian Concepts (Update Sequel!)


    Author: Achaian

    Description: Ditzy had a long and brutal past, no easy journey, and a small respite in a town called Ponyville. Even that respite was hard-fought and meager, but the world has a way of refusing to let the weary rest and the truth a way of revelation. If that truth then comes, comprehension and acceptance are the next and greatest battle. There are a thousand revelations, and if she mastered them all perfectly she would but glimpse the first iota of truth. This is the Life of Ditzy: straightforward, complicated, clear, uncertain, happy, maddening, passionate, furious, ecstatic, depressing, motherly, raging, loving, blind—but last, and most of all—searching.

    Equestrian Concepts
    Under a Grey Sky (New!) 

    Additional Tags: Is Life Pyrrhic after all?