• Nightly Roundup #1017

    Roundup time! They can't all be squareups. Or something like that.  Triangleups. Trapezoidups.  Trixieups. Always Trixieups. Every single Trixieup ever.

    Or Celestia in this case

    Or yeah.


    Brony on Wipeout

    Apparently there was a brony on tonight's episode of Wipeout.  No video yet! Stay tunes for tomorrow, I'm sure one will pop up.

    Thanks to everyone that sent it.

    Applejack's Not so Pink Truck

    A good use of truck technology!

    Charity Stream!

    Copy Pasta:

    Hello everyone, jz here. Team okay will be hosting a charity event stream for paninitwilight who is in need of cash so that he can replace his car, and keep his job.

    The stream will start on the 15th (Tuesday) at 10:00 AM GMT.
    The stream will be for 24 hours, or until we reach our fundraising goal, whichever comes first.

    Artist List over here!

    Bad Fanfic Contest



    Content: I was thinking to myself the other day and thought "Hey, you know what the Brony community needs? More anger.". And I've decided to fulfill that role myself through a podcast/live radio show (haven't figured out which one yet). However, I still need to decide what exactly to be angry about. I know I'll mostly be reviewing fan-fictions, and while there is no small shortage of terrible Brony fanfics, I don't want to look through the back pages of FIMFiction and read each and every story. So I'm calling upon YOU, faithful reader to give ME bad MLP fanfics to read and review. I'll take almost anything, but I do have a few guidelines for what to not submit.

    1) No Trollfics

    These are stories that are meant to be bad, and because of that, me reviewing and getting angry about it is exactly what the author is looking for, so I'm not going to bother with it.

    2) No "Non-Story" Clop

    While I don't have any problem with clop or cloppers, I'm not going to review any stories that are clop for the sake of clop. The author didn't write it for the story, and the readers aren't reading it for the story, so I'm not going to review it. However, if it is a clop that actually wants to have a story (and fails), then I will read it. (And the same rule applies for "gore for the sake of gore" stories)

    Other than that, you can submit any story you want and I will read it. Whether or not I'll review it is debatable, but I will read and consider each and every submission.

    Please submit stories to [email protected]


    From @Sharkman828

    Nerdy Knitter Designs Free Pony Plush Giveaway!


    Main page over here!

    Rules are:

    1. you must repost the contest to the front page of your DA
    2. you must be a watcher
    3. you must make a comment on my journal
    4. you must have ONLY one entry per person

    Winner will be chosen randomly on August 3rd! The winner must contact me within 24 hours to claim their prize, if not another will be chosen.

    Overseas DA are welcome as well!

    Winner can choose any of the main six, background pony, or OC as long as it's not overly complicated and is a mare. It can be a normal size pony or a filly, whichever you prefer.

    Thank you everypony and good Luck!

    Spanish Pony Music Playlist


    Additional Perks Comic Dub

    Get it over here!

    Fallout is Dragons - Sessions 17 and 17.5


    Session 17 - GES New Dawn
    The ship-city of Skyfall has a secret, and the little filly known as Flotsam is the key.

    Session 17.5 - Filly Flotsam's Quest for the Forest's Heart
    During a bit of downtime, Flotsam leads the rest of the Dragon Mawlers through a game of "Mythical Realms". Dally steps into the DM hotseat this week for some recursive roleplaying!

    The Mystery Element Video

    Over-analyze and explain the green gem seen in the opening of the first episode of the first season.

    Get it over here!


    Successful Meetups

    Brony meetup Smolenice, Slovakia

    Minnesota Bronies Meetup

    Well it's that time again Minnesota Bronies had their monthly meetup we Visited Hot Topic, The Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Gamestop, Games by James. and had dinner at the Skydeck! For those interested for next months Meetup is the second Saturday of the month (August 9th) starting at 11 am outside of the Lego Store at the Mall of America just look for the Bronies by the red Lego building area or just look for the guy wearing purple fox tail and you found us! See you next month! ~Tenpin


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Renegade Bronies New Orleans, Louisiana.

    Get it over here!