• Story: Havoc's Hourglass (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Croswynd
    Description: Continuing the search for Havoc's locked away powers, Novell and Whisper must lead their friends on separate quests to both the wintry peaks of the Draconic Domain and Dromadary, the deserts of the Camels. Unprepared for her newfound role as leader, Whisper must brave a labyrinth of political intrigue and assassinations, while Novell is forced to put his diplomacy aside and stand his ground before the might of the dragons. All the while, the avatar of chaos schemes from the shadows, gathering deadly, new allies to bring about a world under his direct control.

    The sands of Havoc's Hourglass diminish with each day gone by.
    Havoc's Hourglass (New Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: Political Intrigue and Draconic "Negotiations"