• Bronies for Good - Call for Submissions: Ministry of Brony Charity Album

    A new charity album in in progress with the goal of providing a bit of love for the Green Village in Burundi.  You guys like saving people, so do it! Get the information on it down below the break!

    First a word of caution: This is not “Minibro”—it’s not grim and ominous like 1984; neither is it silly enough to be a Monty Python reference: The title “Ministry of Brony” is an allusion to the club and record label Ministry of Sound.

    In that terpsichorean spirit, Fillydelphia Radio has teamed up with Bronies for Good to launch a quest for the best original house, techno, and trance music to fill an album of approximately 160 minutes, possibly more.

    Submissions are accepted till February 28, 2014, so that the album can be released March 15, 2014! All further details for the musicians can be found on My Little Remix.

    Our Bronies for Good side of the bargain is that the proceeds from the album will benefit the same causes that the Seeds of Kindness fundraisers support. At the moment we’re fundraising for the Green Life’s Green Village project in Burundi.

    In the region around Gitega, many children are without a home and often have to steal to survive. Green Life has been established to save these children’s lives and grant them a new future. In the Green Village smaller street children can obtain a basic education that will enable them to later visit a regular school; older street children can learn crafts such as welding and pottery, and various agricultural skills; and all of them can find the safety of a new family. All the while, the nonprofit tries to reunite children with their families when they have one and to solve the domestic problems that caused them to flee.

    When that project is completed, we are planning to move on to one that will cement the sustainability of the medical clinic we funded with the first Seeds of Kindness fundraiser. In order to be able to hold more life-saving medicine in stock, the physician and chair or the nonprofit Childneed Africa, wants to establish a source of additional income for the clinic. We’ll keep you posted!

    If you want to learn more about these projects, then have a look at the report that Your Siblings has published.