• Convention Compilation - January 17

    Isn't Peanut Bucker adorable? Well, she and quite a few others have some news for you today in today's convention compilation! Check on after the break for the full scoop.

    • TrotCon 2014 Guest Announcements
    • Edmonton Brony Expo Announcement
    • EFNW 2014: Ponystock 2014 Application Live
    • BronyCAN 2014 - Pre-registration, con theme, panels, and hotel information

    TrotCon 2014 Guest Announcements

    Straight out of TrotCon's headquarters of Columbus, Ohio, Heather Breckel is part of the team behind some of the most beloved comics series in recent memory. She'll be best known among bronies for her work as the official colorist of the My Little Pony comics from IDW Publishing, a position she also repped at TrotCon 2013. Turtle fans might also know her as the colorist on IDW's current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, and her past credits include work on Peter Panzerfaust, Godzilla: Half Century War and more.

    As host of BlogTalkRadio's Canterlot Radio, Dennis Daniel -- aka Mic Check -- has helped drive his podcast toward the top of the pony podcast heap. Known for his personable fan interaction on Twitter in addition to Canterlot Radio's impressive roster of past guests and interviews, Mic Check will bring his knowledge of podcasting -- his show was recently ranked one of BlogTalkRadio's top 300 shows -- and ponies to his first appearance TrotCon via a number of informative panels. Don't miss Canterlot Radio Wednesdays at 3 p.m. ET!

    A relatively new Ohioan, PonyToast will be making his first trek to TrotCon this summer. Like Mic Check, PonyToast is one of the fandom's top podcasters, hosting the long-running True Equestria Radio. But proving his stance as a jack of all trades when it comes to media, he also DJs at Fillydelphia Radio, is the Public Relations Director of Ponyville Radio and channels his inner Casey Kasem on the year-end Top 50 Pony Music Countdown each New Year's Eve. Is there anything the guy doesn't do? Ask him this June in Columbus!

    TrotCon 2014 will be held June 20-22 at the Sheraton at Capitol Square
    in Columbus, Ohio.

    Visit Eventbrite to purchase
    a badge
    -- weekend badges are $35 through March 9.

    Visit our website here! Includes
    forums, guest lists, FAQ, applications and much more!

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    Edmonton Brony Expo Announcement

    In 2013, Canada showed that it did not want to be forgotten when it came to big events about the fandom. Now, Canada takes another step forward. The Edmonton Brony Expo will be a 2 day convention this April 19th and 20th, 2014 at the luxurious Fantasyland Hotel and Conference Centre in West Edmonton Mall.
    We also would like to announce our First Guests to appear at the convention: Force Start Comedy and DJNekoWolf!  
    With our Website now live, we are able to share with you our work in creating the only Brony Convention in Alberta. On the site, you will find info for Panelists, Vendors, Artists, Volunteers and of course, Registration!

    Early Bird Pass - $40: Early Bird Edmonton Brony Expo pass for Saturday and  Sunday!  Plus a con book and all printed materials. (Early Bird ends February 2nd, 2014)

    Background Pony $40: Saturday 1-day pass, plus a con book and all printed materials.

    Secondary Pony $30: Sunday 1-day pass, plus a con book and all printed materials.

    Filly  (Under 12) - $25: This is a standard weekend pass. The child or youth must be accompanied by a paid and registered Adult. Child passes will be given out for free to anyone 6 and under

    Ponyville Pony - $50: Full 2-day to BronyExpo, with a con book and all printed materials. But we know you want to save some bits and get the "Early Bird Pass"

    Cloudsdale Pony - $200: Same as Ponyvile pass, plus a Expo exclusive swag bag, including a BronyExpo T-shirt, landyard,  Canterlot Pony Badge, $10 for use in the marketplace, Priority event seating, and a VIP dinner with all the guests!

    Crystal Kingdom  Pony - $500: Same as Cloudsdale Pony, plus you get front-of-the-line privileges for signatures (Does not include signature fee, when applicable)  and all events, Crystal Kingdom Badge, $25 for use in the marketplace and you still get to come to the VIP dinner!

    Canterlot Pony - $1000: You get it all! Same as Crystal Kingdom Pony, Canterlot Badge, $50 for use in the marketplace, a poster and plushie of our mascot.

    20% Cooler Pony - $2500: Rainbow Dash would buy you a round of cider, if she didn't drink it all! You get everything from Canterlot Badge, $100 for use in the marketplace, 20% Cooler Pony badge, free admission to any BronyExpo Group event ever! In addition, we will make you a personal plushy using your OC to be handed out this August. 60 second PG personal recording from Tara Strong (Script will need to be submitted to Registration no later than March 5th to be distributed at the con on Saturday. Late submission may delay your recording). There will be a special display of your OC and photographs of the display at an event later this year.  Note that this will be something never done again, by anyone, EVER.

    Kids 6 and under get in free when registered under a paid badge. You can upgrade your passes at any time.

    Edmonton's BronyExpo is hosted by the FANTASYLAND HOTEL at West Edmonton Mall.

    We would also like to announce that the FANTASYLAND HOTEL is now offering discount bookings. Book alone or up to 3 people per room and you will only be an elevator ride from the convention. Call 1-800-RESERVE (1-800-737-3783) and let them know you are booking with the BronyExpo. You will receive the 15% discount fit for an Alicorn as well as Edmonton’s best Theme Rooms during your stay!
    For the ponies that are traveling from out of town, we have partnered with WEST-JET for discounted flights for our attendees! For this discount, you must CALL WEST-JET to book. You may call 1-888-493-7853 from 7am-530pm MST (Alberta Time) and quote Discount Code CC8191. This will cover travel discounts of 10% for round trip travel to Edmonton from April 12-27 (7 days before and after the convention).

    That’s all we have for now, feel free to check out our website at http://bronyexpo.com, or follow us on Twitter @BronyExpo for the most up to date info.

    EFNW 2014 - Ponystock 2014 Applications

    We’ve got a great announcement to make today, and it’s about something that a lot of you have been asking about for a while now. So without further ado, we are happy to announce that musician applications for Ponystock 2014 are officially open!

    What is Ponystock, you ask? Only the most happening MLP-themed concert on the west coast, occurring annually at Everfree Northwest since its founding and featuring dozens of artists from around the world! Ponystock offers a window into the ever-evolving landscape of MLP fan music, one of the most thriving and lively aspects of the fandom. Everfree Northwest is proud to be able to bring you an event of this magnitude, but we need your help to do it!

    If you are a musician and wish to perform at Ponystock 2014, we’d love for you to apply! Simply fill out and submit the Musician Submission Form found here. We can’t wait to see what this year’s batch of musicians will bring to the show. See you at the con!

    Be sure to keep up to date on all of our latest announcements and bits of news on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

    BronyCAN 2014 - Pre-registration, con theme, panels, and hotel information 

    Happy New Year, everypony! Although the year of 2013 is now behind us, there are still many things to look forward to in 2014. To start off the year, BronyCAN would like to bring you some very exciting news regarding our convention that will be coming up once again this August!

    For starters, we have completely remodeled our new website! We will be adding more content onto the website regarding the con as the awaited date approaches, so be sure to save us in your bookmarks!

    We are also happy to announce that pre-registration for the con is now open! There are many types of memberships that will be made available for you to choose from, including (all prices are in CAD):

    Early-bird weekend pass: $40 - **Deal ends on January 31st, so grab your tickets soon!
    Sponsor - $100
    Patron - $150
    Alicorn - $3000

    Kids 12 and under get in free when registered under a paid badge. You can upgrade your passes at any time.

    In other news, we are excited to announce that for our second year of BronyCAN, we will be having a wonderful changeling invasion! Yes, we are inviting changelings of all sorts to invade our convention. This is a great opportunity to put your cosplay skills to the test! More about our changeling theme and events will come throughout the year up until the date.

    BronyCAN is now accepting panel submissions! If you’ve got a talent to demonstrate, a tutorial to share, or an idea that everyone simply must know about, come sign up for a panel! NOTE: To all panelists from outside of Canada, be sure you that you and any associates can acquire your passports BEFORE submitting an application. Click the link here to submit your panels: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17BqjR9uIDbL80sQlV2pyOgkEto0h7F8q0u0d76OjQ_4/viewform

    Finally, we would like to announce that hotel booking is now open as well! Don’t forget to reserve your room at the Executive! Book alone or with friends or family and you’ll only be steps away from all the excitement at the convention. Use our promo code “BRONYCAN” and you’ll earn a sweet discount, as well as complimentary extras: overnight parking, high-speed Wi-Fi, and access to the airport shuttle.

    That’s all for now, ponies! Stay tuned for more information throughout the year up until our con. We thank you for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you there!