• Nightly Roundup #873

    I guess I'll jump on the Coco Pommel bandwagon as well. She is really cute and had a really sweet voice. Hope we see more of her in the future!

    Anyhow, short Roundup tonight folks! Get it after the break! Seeya in the morning after the new episode.

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    'Darren McMullen's Outsiders' features bronies

    As the title says, a new show by Darren McMullen that explores different subcultures of Europe touches on Bronies a little bit. Here is a description of what our emailer saw in the preview:

    I was watching one of those 'Wake Up' morning programs, an Australian program to be exact, and the hosts were interviewing Darren McMullen, the host for the singing show The Voice. He came on to talk about a new program he would be in on the National Geographic Channel called 'Darren McMullen's Outsiders'. McMullen is on a mission to go around meeting and living with various subcultures in Europe. But what does this have to do with ponies?

    During the interview the played a clip which feature a few bronies cosplaying, and McMullen even explains to them what one is. I had a look around and managed to find the airing times and dates for the program, and even the ad for the program. Quite hysterically, if you watch the video you can see Darren partying with the bronies and, at the end, dressed up as Applejack.

    Sadly, I unable to watch it for I don't have paid TV down here in AUS, but I reckon this program is worth a look for the brony episode.


    MLP Themed Cocktail List in Sydney Australia

    No cake, but how about some drinks for a nice night cap tonight? Wish there was a pub around here called the Unicorn that served MLP drinks!

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    dA Group Looking for Friends

    The PonyPowerUnite group is currently looking for more to join up!

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    Call for Papers: My Little Pony: A Transcultural Phenomenon, University of Brighton, UK, 28th June 2014

    My Little Pony: A Transcultural Phenomenon

    Saturday 28 June 2014

    University of Brighton – Grand Parade

    The recent popularity of ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ has reignited interest in this well-known franchise of children’s culture. Remaining strongly associated with a series of toys aimed at young female consumers, the reimagined show has attracted positive praise for its style, stories, and characterisation, critical discussion of the constructions of femininity the series promotes, and – unprecedented for an animated series primarily aimed at girls – a large and dedicated adult male fan base. MLPFIM raises a range of issues relating to contemporary children’s television, the blurring of entertainment and advertising, transformations across long-running media franchises, the politics of pink culture, adult appropriation of children’s media, fandom and its relationship with the culture industries.

    This one day conference seeks to place the 30 year long ‘My Little Pony’ series within critical, cultural and creative contexts, exploring the brand from a multi-disciplinary range of perspectives. 300 word abstracts are invited, which might include but not be limited by the following perspectives:

    • twenty first century children’s media, film and television
    • ancillary products and merchandise
    • transformations across MLP generations
    • the political economy of media franchises
    • animation history
    • fandom and critical engagements with pleasure
    • feminist approaches to children’s toy and television industries
    • identity politics of gender, race, class, sexuality and national identity
    • nostalgia and autobiography
    • collections and collecting
    • queer ponies
    • authorship
    • fantasy and mythology
    • convergence culture
    • the ethics of children’s media
    • popular culture and cultural value
    • anthropomorphosis and animal studies
    • subcultures

    Please send abstracts and enquiries to Ewan Kirkland at [email protected] Deadline 28 May 2014.


    Get more information here!

    Pony amnesia love and mystery update

    Pony amnesia is accepting applications for sketchers, writers, and vector artist, however the positions for musicians is now closed. Application link! [email protected]

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    A 7th Element of Harmony?

    Pony Talk with Mic Check - Episode 101: Fina Hylén (1/15/14)

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    2012 - EqD participates in an anti-SOPA day rally.

    2013 - News of the finale starts coming from the Hub and there was a Raise This Barn parody.

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